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January 2019

My Favorite Snow Activities

Snow isn’t just for watching. In fact, the powdery stuff’s temporality lends to an amazing slew of seasonal sports and activities. While I look forward to that first snowfall every winter, I equally anticipate the ability to walk, ski, or sled over the blanketed landscape. I mentioned that building a snowman is one of my favorite memories, but I’ve had an equally fun time participating in a range of activities which harness the power of snow. Read on, why don’t you.

Cross-Country Skiing—Nordic skiing is my favorite snow-related pastime. It combines the grace and solitude of gliding through a snow-covered landscape with the excitement and speed of a high-intensity sport. I prefer the Classic ski style, as it’s a more tranquil way to move through the snowy space. I started when I was very young—5 or 6, I think—and fell in love immediately. Though still a pricey sport, XC skis are far less expensive than their downhill counterparts, making this a pretty accessible activity. Plus, you can always rent.

Snowshoeing—I know what you’re going to say: Seriously? The most boring thing on the planet? I’m here to tell you: snowshoeing is not boring! With the right conditions, the right mindset, and the right group of people (if you prefer to do it with friends), an afternoon of snowshoeing can make for an unforgettable day in the snow. My favorite part of this activity is that it forces you to take your time. You can only move so quickly on a pair of snow shoes, which means you really have to soak in your surroundings. Go rent a pair after work and you’ll see what I mean.

Ice Fishing—Okay, so this one isn’t technically snow-related. But it’s in the same season and requires the same conditions, so I’m going to throw it in. I’ve never been one to enjoy sedentary activities, but ice fishing really changed that for me. It’s about patience and persistence—skills everyone needs (especially for getting through the winter). This is an activity I like to do with friends; drill your hole, set up a few chairs, and spend time hanging out with people you love.

Alpine Skiing—I wanted to put as much distance between Nordic and alpine skiing as possible, but the truth is: I really love this sport. I mentioned earlier that alpine skiing is a remarkably expensive sport, but you can mitigate this problem by renting for a day, week, or season. I also managed to get a great deal on Copper lift passes. There really is nothing like spending the day flying down a double-black trail, or maybe navigating a gladed area with a small group of friends.