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June 15, 2020

Freak September Snow Storm Hits Montana

Snow in the Rockies is like ice in Antarctica, it happens. However, even for the Rockies, a September snowstorm that leaves feet of snow behind is a bit freaky. 

Snow, Cold and Wind Oh My! 

This particular storm fell from September 28-29, 2019 and affected parts of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. In Montana, the snowfall totals ranged from 48 inches in Browning in the northern part of the state, to just under 20 inches in great falls in the center of the state. 
The snow was not the only newsmaker, though. Record low temperatures reached down into the teens, and winds were howling with 30-35 mph winds. These were all record-setting numbers for a winter storm so early in the season. 

Left in the Cold 

All of these combined to bring down trees and led to widespread power outages. Following these record-breaking events, the governor issued a state of emergency for the affected areas.  

It Ends with a Flood 

One of the concerns following this storm was the amount of snow that fell in just a couple of days, and the quick melt-off that was to follow, leading to area flooding and concerns over mud. You can read even more about this unprecedented snow event in this news article from NPR.