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September 23, 2020

Coast to Coast Record for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is no stranger to odd weather. There have been blizzards, hurricanes, tornados and other forms of severe and dangerous weather. However, Thanksgiving of 2019 was a whole new story, with wintery and dangerous weather stretching the country from coast to coast. 

West Coast Snow and Rain 

On the west coast, one system was dumping heavy snow and strong winds in the north, and flooding rains in the south. The snow and wind were causing blizzard conditions in Oregon, California, Nevada, and Idaho. This caused several states, including Arizona, to shut down major highways due to unsafe driving conditions. 
In southern California, the system was dumping torrential rains, causing flooding in an area just ravaged by a wildfire.  

East Coast Snow 

Meanwhile, another system had moved through the Plains and Midwest, taking aim for the Northeast. This system had already produced over a foot of snow in some areas of the northern Midwest. It continued to move east impacting states from Pennsylvania to Maine with heavy snow and strong winds, causing blizzard conditions in some areas. 

Dangerous Wildfires 

The icing on this cake was the wind that affected most of the United States as a result of these two storms. In Oklahoma, there were already 26 different wildfires raging, and these winds only pushed the rapid spread of the fires. This sparked a state of emergency, with more than 15,000 people without power, and two counties evacuating residents. 
Some people certainly welcome early snow, and it can be fun. However, when storms rage from coast to coast, it can have significant and severe effects on property, safety, and travel during such a busy time.