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About Me and Snow at First Sight

Snow at First Sight is my homage to all things first snow. The first time we encounter snow. The first significant storm that opens up the ski slopes. The first time snow fell on Earth. The first snow of the year where the ground cover is still pure white and unspoiled by the impending salt and sludge.


My very first memory, of any moment, was building a snowman with my pre-school class. I remember the tiny fenced in yard. The gentle slope. Instructions about starting with a packed snowball and then rolling into a larger one. I remember a bunch of kids trying it out with some failures and some successes. Then, we focused on the biggest ones and brought them together to make, what to my mind, was a truly impressive figure. I remember my mom picking me up from pre-school that day and seeing the snowman and asking what it was that we had built.


Snow at First Sight, like love at first sight, is never all roses and puppies. Especially as I get older, it’s slowly becoming more of a Love/Hate relationship with snow. Too much shoveling on too many morning work commutes for something I used to get so excited about it. Heck, I still get super-excited on those weekend days and short vacations in which I take to the slopes. I get a little sad, a little drained at the beginning of spring, when I know the season is winding down.


I’m not complaining. This encroaching drudgery is a fact of life for most people, I know. But I also think the newfound complexity of these mixed feelings is part of what makes this site important to me personally. The opportunity to celebrate the enduring newness that is snow, especially in its initial incarnations and especially while falling and fluffing the ground we tread on.


If you’re interested in sharing and helping me celebrate all things involving first snows, you can write to me at